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I loved your book

Posted on May 17, 2015 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (309)

I loved your book. Your style is delightful and so interesting. I loved the tips and information, and your love of traveling is catching; I could feel your enthusiasm. The format you used kept me moving through the book; it was varied, with surprises, never boring — I love your literary style.

Thomasine Breher

Readers Comments about the book

Posted on April 9, 2015 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (63)

Wanted to say a big thank you for those travel trips. I went to the Everglades with clothes rolled in my large/heavy suitcase and nothing was wrinkled when I unloaded afterward. Also, the TripAdvisor tip paid off handsomely. We enjoyed the Everglades, especially the Nike Missile Site, went for an airboat ride on an alligator farm which was a blast, popped down to Key West for the Truman White House and Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum from the Spanish shipwrecks (totally fabulous), enjoyed guided tours in both Key West and Miami Beach, and were thoroughly exhausted and satisfied by the end of the week. I'd recommend your book for anyone who is even thinking about traveling!- Johanna Strother

Just to let you know I read your book and thought it was great – John Blundell

Just finished 'Travel with the Dream Makers' written by my dear friend Lynette Hinings-Marshall (available Amazon) What a great read - congratulations Lynette!! – Sue Switala

You have certainly made your mark and contribution to this very important profession. – Melodye Martinelli

Congrats! We started reading it last night, loving it! = Nancy Bloomfield

I scanned some pages on the Amazon website. It looks very interesting. Good for you, Lynette. – Joan Porter

Fantastic. An inspiration. – Carole Kimes

Got it – can’t wait to strt reading it. Congratultions. – Martine Wanner

Amazing, incredibly inspiring. – Eva Barrett

It is so great for us all at the end of wonderful careers to remember each other, the stories and lifelong friendships moulded out of the Viva! Years and training you initiated. – Lyn Schuemaker

Congratultions!! Wonderful stories and great fun to read about old friends and their stories. Great job! Thank you for all your hard work!! - karen Flowers

Congrats, Lynette. A great read and the photos are outstanding. – Connie Clark

Congratulations Lynette! I enjoyed participating in the book and reading it yesterday on my kindle. – Randy Durband

You continue to inspire me. Looking forward to a great read – Sid Wilson

I’ll send it to all employees of Colorado World Travel you trained. – Betty Austin-Ware

Fantastic, Lynne. Congratulations!! - Carole D’Apote

Read your book….very helpful for my next trip. – Pamela Ann Basky-Miller


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