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Tour Guides' Untold Stories

           Tour Guides' Untold Stories

Meet the Author

Lynette Hinings-Marshall
’s love of travel began with her first employment as an airline stewardess. Just a few years later, she helped establish one of Australia’s most successful tour companies and was the first tour operator worldwide to create her own company-owned optional tours programme. She authored an “entrepreneurship in tourism” training programme for higher education faculty in South Africa.

Lynette founded the highly successful International Guide Academy (IGA), which she expanded to the United States on the University of Denver campus to fulfil the need she saw for a more industry-wide approach to tour-guide training and to raise the profile of the tour guiding profession. She owns Tourism Training Videos, which produces training videos for tour guides. Lynette served on countless travel industry and education boards, authored the International Standards for Tour Management, and has been recognised with a distinguished leadership award to international business. Lynette is also a well-published travel writer and holds a Master of Arts (Writing and Literature) degree.

While working internationally as a travel industry consultant, Lynette oversaw the design and integration of the corporate image for Qatar Airways. She also created the Adventure Club for that airline. In addition to her many other consulting projects, Lynette established a new tour company for the travel club, Ports of Call, in the United States and generated more than $1 million in sales in the first month of operation.

Although she has travelled the globe many times over, Lynette has never lost that tingle of travel excitement, and she actually loves hotels and airports!

Meet the Photographer

Rene Riegal has been a photographer all his life. After earning a couple of degrees at the University of Oregon he hopped a plane to Central Asia before arriving in Iran.  His early photographs record an Afghanistan before the Russians arrived and an Iran during the reign of The Shah.  His photographs represent countries as diverse as the remote Kimberley region of Australia, Algeria, South Korea, Cyprus, Malaysia, Qatar, Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico where he has lived and worked. He takes advantage of his international job locations to photograph nearby countries and cities and his photographic collection is testimony to somebody recording his own wanderlust. 

Rene keeps a home in California and another in Australia but is happiest changing jobs and countries every couple of years in order to pursue his love of photographing new places and new people. Rene is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark where he will be hosting a photographic exhibition in 2015. When he met his wife Lynette in Colorado during the late 1980s he found a travel companion who loves to live in new countries as much as he does and they continue to be excited at the prospect of a new culture to explore as they constantly travel the globe. 

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